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La Familia

My mum and Paul came over this evening after a morning of confusion and misunderstanding.

Whenever I see them I always go over there, and while it’s fine, it would also be great if them coming to me was an option that was floated more often. It’s not just them that do it, a lot of people are the same.

So my mum was under the assumption I was coming over to them and I was expecting the opposite based on the last conversation we had had, which granted was well over a month ago. By the time she checked her phone this morning she had already prepped dinner and everything. I was a bit perturbed and made it clear, hopefully not too harshly.

I suggested we just leave it for today then as by the time I would be ready and could get over to them, something I can’t really afford to do anyway, it would be a lot later than they would like to eat anyway.

After a lot of back and forth and figuring it out it was decided that they’d come to me and my mum would finish off the dinner she was prepping at mine instead.

Not exactly ideal or what anyone had in mind, but cool.

It was really nice to see them though. They’ve been away for, all in all, what feels like half of this year so far already and at least the last month straight, so I haven’t seen much of them at all.

We had some yummy food and shot the shit about movies, tv shows and travel bits and pieces. I showed them some of Ryan’s travel videos, he’s a friend/friend of a friend who sold up and started back packing around the east side of the world last year and documenting the whole thing… One Shot Adventures on YouTube, check him out!

All in all, I really enjoyed the evening.

It’s funny writing this knowing that my mum will be reading it...

Ill communication isn’t just the name of the best Beastie Boys album, it seems to be a constant factor in my life. I’m sure I’m partially responsible but I’m not going to take the majority of the blame as I feel like I’m pretty open almost all of the time. It would make so many things easier if everyone else was the same. And I don’t just mean you mum, don’t worry!

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