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Sixty Nine Duuuude

What to talk about today.... hmm! Last couple of days have been pretty good I think, as was my Monday post about Game of Thrones.

I think I’ll have a rest from thinking of stuff to write about today. Consider this one a more rambling, ‘what’s going on with me today’ type post.

I’m currently sat in my van killing time before finishing up. I’ve been building up some good overtime this week and want to continue that.

I do want to finish early enough to have enough time to get my full work out in before popping out though.

Meeting up with my mum in Lyndhurst in a bit. I’ve got some stuff I want to talk to her about and it would be nice to just see her one on one, it’s been a while.

No plans at all for this weekend. I think I’ll mostly be staying in as going out costs money... and I have none. Hopefully some friends will be about and might fancy coming over and hanging out at some point, but no biggie if not. I think the weather is going to be pretty crappy but I might try and get the smoker cleaned up so I can possibly use it next weekend. I’d like to do that.

That’ll do I think. Happy Friday everybody!

Oh yeah, today would have been my dads 69th birthday! So ya know, that’s a good enough reason to have a beer or three I think.

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