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Getting Lost Again

I’ve been looking for an excuse and motivator to watch LOST again all the way through for some time now.

I considered doing it as a podcast project but the only person I would want to co-host that with is my friend Sam and she lives miles away and has a busy enough plate as is so scheduling it would be a nightmare.

Thankfully I found the push I needed within another podcast. My favourite Game of Thrones podcast, A Storm Of Spoilers are transitioning to being simply, The Storm and are going to predominantly cover LOST on a one episode a week basis.

They’re maintaining the format they’ve used for GoT for the past couple of years and split the show into two halves; firstly is ‘The Calm’ in which they cover the weeks episode recapping and discussing all aspects of the show as if it the first time any of us have seen it. After that they move into ‘The Storm’ where it is fair game to talk about the episode with all the knowledge of how the rest of the series plays out.

The podcast will still take season breaks and have some form of ‘Off Season Tour’ as they’ve done between seasons since inception, but as LOST was a traditional network show, for the first four seasons at least, the seasons run twenty two ish episodes each, so the downtime will be a lot less than when Game of Thrones was the focus.

I’m really glad that the team behind this podcast have decided to move onto LOST. I know they have always had a fondness for the show as it has come up in other discussions before and the three hosts, Dave Gonzales, Joanna Robinson and Neil Miller, all bring an informative and educated take to the conversation without ever sounding stuffy or up their own asses. Listening to their back and forth brings up the same feelings I have when discussing shows with my friends and LOST was the show I did that the most with. I literally have friends all over the world that I met because of that silly TV show about a bunch of good looking, morally grey people stuck on an island that bore a striking resemblance to O’ahu, Hawai’i.

One of the deciding factors for them apparently was the fact that the show always had an active discourse and for many people it did not end in a satisfactory way… much like a certain show wrapping up later tonight. Fifteen years on from its debut though, maybe now is the right time to look back and reevaluate all of those opinions through fresh eyes.

They’ve put out the first episode of the podcast so far on the same feed as all of their Game of Thrones and off season coverage. In that episode they cover the two part pilot episode directed by JJ Abrams. If you’re interested in listening to the show, and obviously I encourage it, you can find and subscribe on all podcast apps by searching for A Storm Of Spoilers.

You don’t need to have ever seen LOST before, it’s a great way of going through it, but if you have it’s a fun way of watching through again.

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