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I always struggle following up a blog post I’m really proud of. I think it’s a byproduct of not wanting the next post to be less than, which inevitably leads to it being so anyway. That’s some paradoxical shit for you right there, some real, ‘What if Marty McFly fucked his own mum’ type shit.

Anyway, today was a really good day!

I was up pretty early as my body clock woke up not long after my alarm would have gone off had I been at work so I got up and got my work outs all done and out of the way. I’ve been pushing myself a little harder this past week and getting super sweaty in the process. It’s cool, it feels good and boy do I appreciate that shower afterward.

I was all set to head out and do stuff but I realised it was still too early for anything to even be open so instead I did the stuff around the house I wanted to get done before the weekend.

Once the overnight dew on the grass had dried up I cut the grass in prep for the barbecue on Saturday. I don’t think too many people are coming over but that’s fine by me, I’d rather have a small handful and enjoy it than loads of people and feel the pressure of hosting.

I popped into town around lunchtime, I had to pick up a couple of little bits I’ve been holding off on and while I was there I heard from Teesh asking what I was up to. Her, Jamie and Ryan who is in town for the weekend, came in and we grabbed a drink while having a catch up. I haven’t seen Ryan in years and he’s had a rough patch recently too so it was really good to see him.

I bailed from there to go have lunch with someone else though which was pretty awesome and after that I headed home presuming my day was done. I swung into the local farm shop on my way back and picked up the meat I want to smoke on Saturday. It’s been a while since I cooked brisket. I’m looking forward to doing that again!

It turned out that those three were going to be hanging out with our other friends Allan and Cat so I said fuck it and went back to town this evening. We just hung out at Teesh and Jamie’s place and played some jackbox games and shot the shit. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that with those guys, it was really fun. Plus I got to play with Titan loads and that’s always a great time.

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