• James Hewlett

Barbecue, Buds, Football and Wrestling... Can't get any better.

I had a barbecue planned for today. Not expecting too many people to be there but was looking forward to it.

It started out as just a random Saturday when I was thinking about it initially but then we decided to use it as an excuse to do the draft order for this years fantasy football league and then I realised it was a bank holiday weekend and the day of AEW’s first show. They’re the hot new wrestling company we’ve been excited about so I knew that Mitchell, Emma and Jamie would be in for sure. Ed was down as well and is always interested in learning more about that nerd ass shit the rest of us enjoy.

On top of that Rae came over for few hours during the day and Emma’s sister Kate was around too. It was a really great group.

After eating, drinking and playing a couple of games we decided to walk around to the shop and throw a football around. It was great going and being a bit active, it’s the first time I’ve done that with friends since getting healthier.

Normally that would be it for a day in the sun but we had only really just got half way. We played jackbox games until midnight when the pre-show for Double or Nothing started. The show itself ran from one until five in the morning. Normally long, late night events like that struggle to hold all our attentions throughout but this managed it and exceeded expectations. We didn’t know a lot of the talent but absolutely loved it and it felt new and exciting.

This weekend isn’t over yet but it is continuing to be one of the best ones I can remember.

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