• James Hewlett

Sick Boi

I rarely ever get sick, I honestly can’t remember the last time I was under the weather. I think it must have been near the end of last summer.

Even when I do it’s almost always just an annoying sore throat and sniffle.

This weekend was absolutely bloody amazing but I think the back to back late nights did a bit of a number on me as I woke up today, not feeling ill at all, but with a scratchy throat and as I lay here in bed before going to sleep I can tell I’m going to have to take some tissues with me when I’m back to work tomorrow.

The combination of being a lot more active and healthy and the fact that I live alone now and not with someone who brings back all the hospitality industry shared germs probably has a lot to do with why I haven’t gotten sick in so long.

At first I thought I was stiff and achy this morning because I hadn’t done any yoga over the weekend and my body had gotten used to stretching it out more regularly. I’ve pretty much only been using exercise bike while I’ve had friends staying with me.

Hopefully if I get a bit more rest, keep medicated and maintain my regular work outs I’ll be able to shake it quick. No one wants to be ill!

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