• James Hewlett

Detective Pikachu

A perk of having a friend work at the cinema is having a good excuse to go see films A, for free and B, that you’d normally get a questioning look for seeing by yourself as a thirty two year old man.

Rutter and I saw Detective Pikachu this evening.

It was silly, it was cutesy, Ed was in the credits and it was fun! It’s not going to blow any doors off but I had a good time with it. If I was a kid and this had come out I’d have fucking loved it. As an adult who still enjoys Pokémon video games, I had fun with it. Ryan Reynolds was doing his usual schtick and it worked great. I would love to see the R-Rated out takes fully animated one day.

That’s about all I’ve got for this one. I’m going to get an early night while dosed up and try and kick this sniffles ass. Later.

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