• James Hewlett

Book Club Busta

Last night was meant to be the first Book club group chat. We all read Consider Phlebas and arranged to talk about it at 18:30gmt

The only problem is I has also made other plans for later in the evening I was excited to get to. So after working out and getting myself ready I fired up the group and hoped people would be around a little early. They weren’t. No harm, no foul, I waited until 18:30 on the dot and when they weren’t there then either I just send a message explaining and that we’d have to rain check. I felt a little bad about it, but nothing I’ll lose sleep over.

When they did eventually see the message they all took it well anyway.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get it rearranged for sometime soon. I did a little prep for the conversation and was presently surprised how much of the book I retained considering I’ve read a few things since.

Stay tuned.

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