• James Hewlett

Three Day Weekend In One Day

I feel like today had been two days already and it’s not even six yet. It’s a really nice feeling. I had an awesome chilled out morning that felt like a good day off and then this afternoon I’ve been pretty good and productive so I can enjoy my evening without thinking about the stuff I still have to do.

I’m cooking a Thai green curry this evening and even have everything prepped and ready for that. I just need to cook it all up, fingers crossed it’ll be nice.

Warm sunny days like this are always better with a reggae and ska soundtrack and that’s exactly what I’ve had on. I found a really good playlist on Apple Music called Ska Revival Essentials, it covers everything from the seventies through the late nineties. I feel like I could do a whole separate blog post on the ska resurgence of the mid-nineties and how it varied between the US and the UK and specifically how big the scene was here on the south coast, but I’ll save that for another day. Shit, I may have already written something like that sometime over the last couple of years!? Who knows!

Enjoy your weekend, go sit outside if you haven’t already!

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