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Walk & Talk

Emma always has her finger on the pulse of goings on around town, especially when it comes to the mental health community. During the week she shared a thing and asked if anyone wanted to go along to this walking group thing that was meeting in town and walking around the common, I said I would if I was free as it sounded interesting and quite honestly, an excuse to go for a nice walk on a sunny day like today is always good.

I didn’t really know what to expect but was happy to go and see what it was all about. I also know my friend and the fact that without a little push Emma would have over thought it and ended up not going so I was happy to help.

It was a good group of people that turned up, there was about eight of us in total, most didn’t know each other before hand and the ones who did only knew one or at most two others. The whole idea is that I was a group of friendly people with which you can talk about as much or as little as you want with without and judgement or stigma attached. I don’t really have a problem talking to… anyone about any of my shit and having this is a big part of that, but I know it’s not so easy for a lot of people. I also know how essential talking through any issues you may have is and like being able to ‘pay it forward’ as it were by being a friendly pair of ears for someone so that was kind of what I was happy to do there.

I don’t know exactly how much people were opening up about their issues or anything but I think just having a nice, friendly group around was a really good thing. Not everyone, but a bunch of us had a drink at the pub afterward and we’re all chatting. Emma and I both left saying that it felt like a good group of like minded people with similar interests so hopefully there will be a lot of people back for the next one in a months time. I know I’ll be going as long as I’m free.

Talking to people is so important. It doesn’t need to be about anything in particular, but just feeling comfortable and listened to is helpful for everyone regardless of how you’re feeling any thing else.

After we left that we met up with Mitchell and had a nice light lunch. I've enjoyed a Sunday afternoon nap since getting home... It's been a good day!

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