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I was slightly poorly last week with a bit of a cold. It’s the first time I’ve been even remotely ill in a long time, and the first since I’ve been working out daily.

That was the biggest annoyance of it for me, the fact that it sucked my energy to exercise.

I still did, but I just stuck to the bike and a little bit of general callisthenics. Even then I was taking it very easy.

Getting back into my regular routine today, doing everything and taking roughly an hour after work to do it all felt great. I never thought I’d be that guy, but it has become part of my daily routine to the point where I miss it when I don’t exercise.

I’ve got a busy week this week and it’s a real mixed bag. I’m catching up and playing a game with a Teesh, M&Em this evening, cooking for me and Rae tomorrow evening, seeing Godzilla with Wes on Wednesday as it’s 2 for 1, then going over divorce paperwork with Sara on Thursday if she gets back to me and I’m not sure what else at the end of the week. I like having plans, especially as none of them are expensive things. Most are super fun too with the one exception.

I’ve been getting some really good feedback on a few of my more in depth posts recently, it’s really nice. I just need to figure out what the next one is going to be now!

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