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This ones being written a day late and back dated. I couldn’t think of anything to write yesterday and was busy in the evening anyway.

I’ve got some fairly decent content planned for the rest of the week so today is going to be more of a quick hits kind of post.

I’ve always known I’m a half decent cook, but when you’re cooking just for yourself you fall into a repetitive routine of similar stuff all the time. I’m also very busy so after work and then exercising I don’t always want to put the effort into doing much if it’s just for me.

I really enjoy cooking for other people though. I get a kick out of people enjoying the food I’ve made, be it barbecuing some meat I’ve prepared, slow cooking something or just knocking something together fairly quickly.

I made some pad Thai this evening and it was really good!

It’s really good to mix up what you’re cooking and eating. It keeps the whole process interesting.

I’m writing this sat in my van less than a mile away from the ‘leader of the free world.’ I can’t stand that orange prick. This whole island is like a police state at the moment too. Rapid response vehicles on every roundabout, uniformed officers on every corner, armed officers all over the busy shopping areas and that’s without even getting into the blocked off zones close to the two dickheads ruining the world.

I feel bad for all the people who have been called into work these events. There’s bound to be a lot of them who think like me and yet they’re having to do their duty and ‘protect’ him.

I also feel for the residents who have had their lives distrusted. I know a fair few people who haven’t gone to work today because they can’t get their cars out of the cordoned off areas, all the people who live along the front have had to give full itinerary of all comings and goings and people living in town houses or upper floor flats have been told not to linger in their own front windows for fear they might be targeted by sniper teams. I mean, fuck that noise!

The only positive is that my day has been really easy.

That’ll do for today I think. Off to see Godzilla with Wez tomorrow, so look for my brief thoughts on that when I get home.

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