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I spent today at an art/charity/university event in town today. Time Is Now was a collective tattoo event, where everyone was getting the word NOW tattooed for free. The word was the same but there was a choice of fonts. The three of us who went together all just happened to go for the same one by chance. Everyones reasons for the word meaning something to them was different and personal but the shared experience was designed to bring everyone together.

“The experience looks at how a medium often used for personal self expression and construction of identity, can connect a group of strangers and opposing ideas of the transient nature of the present moment with the indelibility of a tattoo. The reasons for coming to get a tattoo may be intensely personal yet the unity of the singular word will unite strangers in a shared experience forever.”

For me it was a great word to get. I've always said that I try to live my life not dwelling on the past or fearing the future, living in the now.

We got there early, the first people on the scene in fact, and I’m glad we did! There were nine people on the list in front of us, all the people who had been working the event, and despite the tattoos all being pretty small and very simple, the artist was taking her time and putting a lot of care into making them all very finely done. This meant that it was about five and a half hours before I sat down to get mine.

The interviews they were doing with everyone after/during/before the tattoos were fun, I think we nailed exactly what they were hoping for with ours, even though they had to do it twice as the audio was off on the first attempt.

Weird isn't it, I went seven years without getting a new tattoo then I get two within as many weeks.

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