• James Hewlett

Back In The Rhythm

Today is all about me and back into a rhythm. I’ve still worked out every day but it feels like I’ve been skimping a little more than I would like. Especially with the yoga. I haven’t done any since Friday and even then it was a slightly shorter session.

It’s partly because I was a little under the weather and getting worn out quicker without the drive to push through and it’s also been partly because I’ve been busy and eager to get finished as quick as possible.

So this evening after work I’m going to the a full whack of everything.

The ‘Fit 4 RTX’ programmes have ramped up nicely and I can feel them having an effect. They’ve gone from being a very light warm up to an actual part of my routine.

I’ll start with those four activities before putting in my half hour on the exercise bike, two mins at tension level five, three minutes and tension level seven, repeated.

Then it’s onto yoga, twenty minute session with a two minute unwind at the end. The programme I use, DownDog, has a lot of customisations to chose from so I am at the Beginner 2 level with a ‘core boost’ meaning there will be an increased number of poses that really work on tightening up my stomach.

I end with a little bit of weights, I only use 5kg dumbbells but I’ll do a hundred various curls with each arm to finish up my work out.

It’s a routine that works for me. It’s just enough without going crazy and usually takes about an hour all together.

It’s good to not over extend myself. I’d rather do that hour consistently than go hard for a couple of hours and then be fucked and not want to do any more again for a week. I also don’t beat myself up about it if I miss or skip over one or two parts of the work out. I try to always get on the bike, but as long as I do at least some of it I can be happy.

I saw myself as this guy, but it does leave you feeling pretty great after a good work out.

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