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A Little Bit Of E3

All the exciting E3 announcements have been made now as the show continues on for the rest of the week in LA. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what the next year of video games will look like with a hint of what’s coming beyond that.

I only watched the Microsoft presser this year, but I enjoyed it a lot. They had a decent number of games I’d like to check out and I was happy to see just how many of them are on GamePass at launch. That service keeps getting better and better.

Gears 5 looks great, I hope I’ll have someone to play through that campaign with, couch co-op style, because the series is always most fun like that.

There was a few ‘indie’ games that I liked the look of with 12 Minutes being a standout. The concept of a time loop story based mystery is really intriguing.

The new Jedi Fallen Order trailer hyped me up more than the gameplay footage from the day before did, and everything I’ve seen since makes it look great. I’m not going to kid myself, it’s a big Star Wars game so I’ll obviously play it.

Cyberpunk 2077 continues to look like one of the best games ever. At this point the hype for it is so high that people will inevitably find stuff to bitch about when it releases next April, but I’m exacted. The Keanu Reeves reveal and appearance on stage was great.

The big news for me from the conference was Halo Infinite being a launch title for the next XBox console release. Knowing that it will come out with such a high profile title is making me think I’ll probably be saving and buying it day one, the last time I did that, hell the only other time I’ve done that before was for the PS2.

Watching the press conference live this year was interesting for me. For the past number of years Sara and I had watched a bunch of them together; we’d get hyped about new games, we’d criticise the stuff that didn’t look any good and we’d talk about it all. I used to really enjoy doing that.

We didn’t last year, I think it was because she was working, but I can’t remember.

This was the first time though in a long time that I was sat there wanting to be chatting to someone about what we were watching. Not her, just someone else who was enthused. I ended up texting Sam a bunch about what was going on. That worked too.

I haven’t played much of anything recently... I need to catch up with Life Is Strange 2 and then find a new video game to sink my teeth into I think.

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