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All About That D

This evening Sara came round and we finally got the official divorce process underway.

It was actually all really quite simple. We don’t have kids, property or finances to sort out and have been amicable throughout everything so the formal stuff isn’t causing too much of a hassle.

We had already looked at the options and I had decided that I wanted to go down the route that should get it all sorted quicker and lay out the details of her adultery. The other option would have required us to be separated for at least two years before applying for the marriage to be dissolved.

Strange observations about the UK divorce process; it cannot be considered adultery if the offender was hooking up with a member of the same sex. That shit seems very outdated and wrong if you ask me, c’mon government it’s 2019, get a little woke. That wasn't relevant for us though.

So we went through everything together; because I’m the innocent party this stage of the application has to come for me, but as I said as we’ve been amicable and because we want to get it sorted with as little issue as problem we went through everything together.

I do think it’s quite gross that the whole process requires a lot less hoops to be jumped through than actually getting married in the first place, but thats just the world we live in I guess.

It’s been a bit of a day, I’m quite emotionally exhausted, not just because of the divorce stuff. Maybe I’ll feel inspired and write something good tomorrow, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’m alright though.

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