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The Chef Show

I’m not sure if it’s a new release if I just missed it before, but I started watching The Chef Show on Netflix last night.

The Chef Show is basically a cooking show spin off of the Jon Favraeu movie, Chef.

I really enjoy that film and have been a fan of Favraeu since Swingers back in the mid nineties, so when I saw the show pop up on Netflix I jumped straight in and watched three episodes back to back.

The movie centres on a famous chef who has a blow out at a food critic and somewhat disgracing himself before deciding to have a fresh start and keep it simple by buying and running a food truck. The rest of the film is a nice road movie as he’s rediscovering his love of cooking while reconnecting with his kid as they travel from Miami back to LA.

I get an especially big kick out of the focus on Austin, TX as they visit some of my favourite places in that amazing city.

While developing the film Favraeu became friends with real life chef, with a similar story to his fictional character, Roy Choi who acted as consultant on the movie.

You can tell the two are buddies and wanted to collaborate further, so The Chef Show was born.

In the show the two of them visit a city and one or two particular kitchens and learn with the chefs there some of their signature dishes, then there’s often a segment of just the two hosts cooking something of their own as well.

Unlike a lot of cooking programmes the format is very loose and informal, it really does watch as though it’s just two guys who are having a laugh in the kitchen while making some delicious looking, and often not very complicated, food.

One of the best things about the show for me is simply seeing the enjoyment they’re having making it. There’ll be a look and a smile or laugh from one of them in the background while the focus is on the other in the foreground, or an exclamation of, “Ah, fuck yeah!” When one of them tries the thing they’ve been working on and it’s turned out great.

The naturalistic take on it makes the whole show feel totally relatable and light hearted, following in the movies footsteps.

I’ve looked ahead and the last two episodes of the season are both in Austin, I’m very excited to see what they do while they’re there.

Needless to say, despite having a really nice lunch yesterday I went to bed hungry last night just because of all the tasty food I’d just been watching.

‘The Chef Show’ from Jon Favraeu and Roy Choi is available now on Netflix and I’d definitely suggest checking it out.

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