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Breaking & Entering

I’ve got a couple of board games to write about today, I’ve not done that in a little while.

I guess technically three but I don’t have much to say about the first one so I’ll blast past it quick; I pre-ordered the expansion for Gloomhaven when it was first announced last year, at the time we had a group and were playing semi-regularly and I figured by the time it arrived we’d be close to ready to continue the campaign on into it... then life happened and half that group were no longer going to be involved. Thankfully Rutter and Liv joined me and Ed and we’re playing again, when we can. It’ll be a long while before we get to this new content though.

The next one is a game I’ve had on my shelf for ages but never got round to learning or playing.

Burgle Bros. is by Tim Fowers who has kind of become an indie board game darling, if there is such a thing. Almost all of his games are made by him alone with art by art by Ryan Goldsberry. This gives them all a really neat cohesion in their theme and style.

I’d heard lots about Burgle Bros. and it always comes up on lists of best co-op games.

You play as a collection of colourful characters, all archetypes from heist movies and stories, and you have to sneak around three floors of a building, crack the safes and escape while avoiding the guards and triggering alarms.

It plays very simply and intuitively with the guard movement being determined by a deck of cards.

After one game I feel confident I could teach it to anyone who has played a co-op board game before, especially any of Matt Leacock’s games like Pandemic, Forbidden Island or Forbidden Desert.

The last game is Sheriff of Nottingham, a game you can find in most Waterstones or Walmart. I’ve seen it played a bunch and heard lots of good things but it wasn’t until Rutter bought it over this evening that I finally got to try it.

It is a lot of fun! Pretty much a small party game of bluffing, deception and pushing your luck while trying to smuggle illicit goods into Nottingham amongst your more league merchandise. We played with three but I suspect that five would be a real sweet spot for this one.

It’s a game that goes quick but the more you play it the more fun it gets as you start trying to figure people out.

It’s been great playing some games again, I haven’t in a few weeks.

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