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What a difference a week can make…

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve been pretty down this past week. Last week was tough, anniversary of dads death and finally getting divorce process underway were things I knew were coming and wouldn’t be great, but I could handle it. The one that rocked me way more than it should was the chick I’ve been seeing breaking things off.

It didn’t exactly come out of no where and it wasn’t a total surprise; it was originally meant to be nothing more than friendship with some sex and I was well aware of all of her shit just as she was aware of mine. But we both got on so well and kind of got caught up in it and it pretty quickly started feeling like something more.

Now I can only speak on it from my perspective and I may be totally wrong, but I got the sense that she got into her own head and got scared. There are some other things including some external factors, but I believe that to be the crux of it.

We’re still very friendly, and as I said in my post about dating after thirty a few weeks ago, I would rather keep her around as a friend than nothing at all, it just kind of sucks in the moment.

I definitely needed to blow off some steam at the end of last week so I’m glad I went out Friday night, but my family and friends are pretty good at reading me and I’m quite an open book so the genuine mistake of pinging out an emergency SOS from my watch may have caused more panic in them even if Jon hadn’t done that on his own. Emma did snap this dope ass picture of me though. Add in some long exposure effects like some car light streaks, maybe edit out the ugly road sign and that shit is good enough to use as the back cover of an album… if those still existed.

I’m having dinner at my mum and Paul’s tonight so I’m writing this one on Wednesday evening sat in Brewdog having a delicious pear sour beer, I get a lot of good writing done here and it’s generally nice and quiet mid week. Not tonight though! I’m sat by myself in a booth that would comfortably sit six and there aren’t really many other seats left in the place. I’ll probably leave earlier than I planned to just because I feel awkward about taking up so much space just for little old me. It’s cool seeing it busy though.

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