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National Writing Day, So They Say

Apparently it’s national writing day!? And I’ve not written anything. Hah! How’s that for irony Alanis?

Every day is national something or other day, and don’t get me wrong, if they raise awareness for something then great, but they don’t all need to be adhered to. I write every day, I don’t need a national day or a hashtag to tell me to write… I’ve got a reminder that pops up that says “Write something, stupid!” for that.

Today is just one of those days that I don’t have anything in particular to write about so instead of trying to force it I’m just rambling for a bit until I feel satisfied enough.

How about this sexy picture of me huh?! What a sweaty mess. I’ve been doing my work outs shirtless this week as it’s been so warm that I’ve been dripping with sweat way more than normal.

It’s great, I can feel the weight coming off with every bead that drops from my head, but it is not flattering.

I think back to six months ago and you couldn’t have paid me to take my shirt off in public or even work out in front of my bedroom window without a t shirt on. I’ve never really been ashamed of my body, but I wasn’t proud of it either and wouldn’t subject anyone to that. Now though I have a good healthy mixture of pride and lack of fucks. It’s pretty awesome.

Yeah that’ll do for today. Not a whole lot to talk about, but that’s not always a bad thing either! I’m pretty good this week.

Hopefully some more substantial content tomorrow, no promises though!

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