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Dis or Dat

Okay, so I couldn’t think of anything particularly interesting to write about.

I’m showing a lot of restraint and being good this evening. They’re launching a couple of new beers at the bar tonight that sound lovely but I’m not going to go. Just hanging out at home instead. I did a full work out when I got in, I swear in this weather all yoga is hot yoga! I sweated out a lot, it was good.

I put up a fun little thing on my instagram story this evening, just a game of this or that where I gave a bunch of two option questions comparing things; some of the normal ones like Volcano and Dante’s Peak, Blur and Oasis, that kind of thing. As I was going I kept thinking of more though. Watching the responses come back in is fun. Some people have been very predictable but not everyone.

That’s about as exciting as my evening is going to get I think. Catching up with some friends tomorrow though, so should be a bit more fun. Later!

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