• James Hewlett

1.21 Gigawatts!

Great Scott, Marty! It worked! My time machine worked.

The only problem is the time circuits are stuck and can only take you back to 1998; the summer of ska.

There’s a couple of shows coming up later this year that I am psyched about! Last year Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake did a co-headline tour with Zebrahead and Suburban Legend supporting. It was an amazing show, but was marred a little for me by some exterior factors.

This year both those bands are coming back to the UK and touring, but not together this time.

Less Than Jake instead are touring with Goldfinger in the co-headline position this time and have just announced today that Save Ferris, whom I’ve never had the chance to see, are supporting. I cannot wait.

Then just a couple of weeks after that Reel Big Fish are playing and have Lightyear and Spunge opening for them. It’s pretty ridiculous for someone who was a massive nineties ska punk fan to still be able to see all this bands I grew up listening to live and the fact that they seem to know that they’re audience has aged with them. You don’t see many people younger than their mid twenties at these gigs.

The trend of all coming over to tour together is awesome too, it makes each one of these shows feel like a mini festival experience.

I can’t wait to get excessively sweaty skanking the night away later in the year to bands I first saw live over half my life ago. I’m sure I’ll write about both shows later in the year when they’ve happened.

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