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Draftday Preppers

Tonight is all about draft prep. Our fantasy football league is ready to get going again for another season and that all starts on draft day! In previous years we’ve hosted it in my garden and last year at Rutter’s, but this year we’ve all decided that it would be fun to have a location draft somewhere. It’s convenient as no one has to worry about doing too much set up or clean up and there are food and drink options aplenty without anyone having to cook or buy in lots of food. It’s also more convenient for the out oft owners who will be just getting the train to town, Ed will be down for a couple of days most likely so splitting a cab with him will be fine; or we’ll talk one of the others into picking us up for the ride in at least as we’ve done that for others in years past.

Mitchell had the original idea and had a location in mind, unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate but I wasn’t bothered as I knew Brewdog had a space upstairs that would be perfect for us. I tried to book that this evening though and typically, the day we’re drafting is the only Saturday this summer the space it booked in both the day and evening. Bummer! Back to square one I guess, we’ve got some other options and should have a good idea tomorrow. It won’t be the end of the world if we don’t find anywhere, it just means we will be having it in either mine or Rutter’s garden, but I do like the idea of a location draft this year…

The other part, well, another, part of the prep I have to do is figure out the draft board. Last year we were a ten team league and this year we’re only an eight. The problems occur when you try to account for trades that included future draft picks with the two teams that have since been excised from the league. Jamie, being the nerd that he is, has knocked up a few different options for how it could be worked out, but I need to look at them all and as the commissioner of the league, decide on the fairest option.

Finally, what should be the most important part of the draft preparations is actually looking at all the players and making my lists of potential pick ups. It’s not a short process and I’ve done no research at all yet. I feel woefully underprepared considering we’re only about two weeks out.

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