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Don't Binge

We watched a couple more episodes of Stranger Things 3 tonight and it sparked a conversation about binge watching.

We’re all guilty of it, it’s become the new norm and is actively encouraged with the Netflix and Prime release models. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want that to change, I love having the option to watch everything at whatever pace suits, I just wish I didn’t have to actively avoid spoilers for something that’s eight hours long and hasn’t even been out for fourth eight hours yet.

I’m really enjoying the pace we’ve been watching it so far, a couple of episodes at a time. It allows you to take everything in, let it breath a little, talk about it and enjoy it fully. When you rush through something too quickly, even if you’re super focused in the moment, you’re bound to miss things or have aspects blur together.

My mum read yesterday’s post and it tipped them off the new season was out. She has no recollection of season two despite watching it all the way through. As much as I tease and say it’s because she’s getting old I would put money on it being more a case of they watched it all in one or two sittings and she probably drifted off during chunks.

Take your time with absorbing the media you enjoy. Pause after an episode or two, talk to people about it, dissect it a little bit. Maybe sleep on it and get freshly amped up for the next episode. Personal experience says you’ll end up enjoying it a lot more. Then feel free to binge it the next time round when you can have it on in the background a bit more.

Or binge it all in one night, I’m not your mother, you don’t have to do what I say. Just don’t be a dick and respect those of us who want to take a little longer but don’t want to be spoiled!

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