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More Mental Health Mates

I went along to the ‘Mental Health Mates’ walk on the common today with some friends. It was awesome seeing that group grow, there was a mix of people who were at the first one but not last month when I first went, people who had been at all of them so far and a few totally new people, but I got the impression that everyone really enjoyed it and intend on coming back again.

After the walk we hung around on the common for a while as it was such a nice day. I feel like I've already taken advantage of the weather this summer more than I did all of last year.

We finished up Stranger Things 3 this evening too... oh boy! That was a great season with some emotional gut punches at the end. That’s all I’ll say on it as I was trying to avoid even seeing reactions before I’d finished it up. Very much looking forward to seeing where they go next though. This season seemed to recapture a lot of the magic from the first.

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