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Penny Drop

I don’t have anything interesting to write about today. I’ve had a really good day at work, worked out then played video games and watched tv. It doesn’t sound all that exciting but it’s just been good.

Everything’s been good lately!

I don’t normally fret when that’s the case, I guess that’s my optimist showing, I’m not the kind of person who generally thinks, “Oh everything is going so well, something crap is bound to happen.”

No, that’s not true, those thoughts do pop into my head, but I’m pretty good at switching them off and going with whatever happens. It’s all a part of my general philosophy and, hell, it plays into the ‘Now’ I have tattooed on my arm. Don’t fear the future, over think, over worry and end up letting your negative emotions manifest into something real. If you do that there’s a very good chance that the problem stemmed from letting those negative feelings control your actions and wouldn’t have occurred if you had just let those feelings go when they first arose.

I may have just talked in a loop there and made little to no sense, but you know what. I’m just happy that I managed to get a half decent post out of absolutely nothing.

I’ve not put the call out recently and I know I’ve picked up a decent amount of new readers, if there is any topic you’d like me to write about; serious, silly, deep or completely ridiculous, give me a message on Twitter or Instagram @jhewlett and I’ll start knocking up some post ideas. I could do with building up a bank of things for days I can’t think of anything.

See you tomorrow.

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