• James Hewlett

Preparing For War... Or Draft Day

Tonight I finally got the draft board down from the loft and started making the alterations needed to make it useable for this coming season.

I haven’t done nearly enough research or prep work yet for players I’ll be looking at but I have next week off work and theoretically will have time to do that then.

My focus so far has been on my duties as commissioner of the league. I’ve had to shuffle some things around due to there being less teams this year, it wasn’t easy as those teams had been involved in trades that effect next Saturdays draft order but with the help of Jamie I’ve decided on an option that I feel is the most fair course of action.

I’ve also written a bit of a commencement speech for the season, I do love giving it a little bit of pomp and circumstance, but just enough. Hopefully that won’t take too long as I want to hand the reigns off to Mitchell who is hosting this year at the bar he works at.

I like that since we started this league we’ve had a different host each year. The first was at mine naturally, as we were continuing on the traditions from the old league but last year we went to Rutter’s for a barbecue in stead. This season will be our first ‘location’ draft in a spot that isn’t one of our homes. I’m hoping it goes well as I know everyone else is eager for a turn at hosting in the years to come.

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