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Throwback Playlist

It’s nearly nine in the evening and I’ve not turned the tv on yet since getting home from work.

I got my work out done straight away when I got in as usual. I knew especially that if I didn’t do it right away it wasn’t getting done. I think the combination of knowing it was my last day at work before my week off, the warm weather and it being a busy day has made me feel really tired all day.

Once that was done I sat in the garden and had some dinner and decided to put on an old playlist from my music library; ‘BBQ 2009’

I love making playlists. I do it a lot but I used to do it even more. This particular one from ten years ago was made for the various BBQ parties I had or went to that year. I remember it being a pretty good and long playlist.

I didn’t realise it was actually 142 tracks totalling just over nine hours of music!

Bravo past-James, you made a good playlist of diverse genres, from all eras, all with a summery vibe, that lasts an entire day without any repeats.

So when I moved inside I just let it carry on playing. I’ve been laid down on the sofa half dozing since and it feels really nice.

I’ve got some chores to do tomorrow morning and then I’ll fully feel like I’m set to enjoy my week off to it’s fullest.

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