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Shiny Car Saturday

I didn’t feel like being lazy and having a lay in this morning, despite it being the start of my week off. So after checking what time the barber shop opened I got up at and was there at eight thirty, half an hour after they were scheduled to start according to google.

Yeah, turns out that’s wrong. I didn’t want to just wait around for half an hour so I called an audible. Instead of getting my hair cut and car washed in Totton I would go down to Tesco, get my car washed and valeted there, do the little bit of shopping that I needed to do, then pop into Hythe to get my hair cut.

The first part all went great. My car looks amazing. I haven’t had it properly cleaned since I’ve had it and it was starting to get pretty filthy outside and still had a ton of dregs of hay in it from well over a year ago. It feels brand new again now, well, as new as a fifteen year old Prius can.

The hair cut will have to wait for another day though. When I got to the barber shop in Hythe, which happens to be where the video game store I worked at that I wrote about the other day once was, there was only one person working and about six people waiting. Again, I didn’t feel like waiting around that long so instead I just came home and cracked on with my work out.

This afternoon has been all about doing more draft prep. This time it was more about my own strategies and targets as opposed to sorting things out for the league itself. I’ve got three drafts in the space of a few weeks, starting with the one that is most important to me next Saturday so I’ve just been reading up on various articles, making my rankings and generally re-familiarising myself with players again.

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