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Hurry Up & Do Nothing

I don’t take enough time to just do nothing. To completely switch off and just chill. I guess it’s been a kind of coping mechanism to keep myself constantly busy for over half a year now.

Even if what I’m doing is nothing important, I could just be watching tv or playing a video game or something, but I’m always doing something.

Not this afternoon though. Other than writing this I’m literally just sat in a longer chair in the garden, laid back, with music on from the house and doing nothing. It’s really nice.

I’m not even going to bother writing any more today. I’m just going to go back to chilling out with my eyes closed. See you tomorrow for a report of how going to a theme park with my nephew and niece was!

Oh, todays pictures... the shot of the docks is from last night. The sunset was pretty incredible so I wandered down to the front to get the best picture I could of it. The one of me is from this afternoon, I didn't have a headache, it was just really comfortable having a cool pack on my face.

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