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It's A Hoot

It’s going to be a mostly picture post today. I went to Paultons Park with my sister, nephew niece and mum. It was a really great fun day out.

I’m not going to write about the whole day because the people that care about it the most were there and everyone else is just interested in the few cute pictures I took.

I will say that it is crazy how much that place has changed since I was last there! I worked a couple of summers at the park about sixteen years ago. It’s almost unrecognisable now! Almost… there are shockingly some odd little things that are absolutely identical and haven’t changed in all that time. I found that just as fascinating as all the new stuff.

I’m glad we went when we did, just before the bulk of schools break up. It meant that we got to go on everything, most things more than once too. Everyone had a great day.

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