• James Hewlett

Blow Out Ball Ache

What a mixed bag of a day!

I’m happy that I’ve been busy with stuff to do, otherwise I’d have just been sat around waiting for tomorrow, but could have done without some of it.

While we were out yesterday I agreed to help my mum clear stuff out of my grandmas shed before the rest of the house gets sorted for selling. I took a whole bunch of my stuff out of there a few years ago but there was still plenty of Star Wars bits and bobs in there to be removed. Thankfully most of it was things I was happy to leave for either Joey to claim and keep in the family, or to be donated to a charity shop and hopefully find a loving home.

I pulled out a few choice things I wanted to keep/knew a good home for though.

It was on the way to take my mum home that the real ballache of the day accrued. I had a blow out just as we were going into Lyndhurst. Thankfully I was able to pull in to a lay-by and, while I had a vague idea of what I was doing, we gave Paul a call to help out and then take my mum home. By the time he got there though I’d managed to change the tyre by myself (+1 on the manly points, thank you very much) so my they headed home while I limped my car to the other side of town where I got that and another tyre that was getting a bit ropey replaced.

It was a pain in the ass and an annoyance I could have done without, but in the grand scheme of things it could have been a lot worse.

I really fancied a cold pint after all that though so I gave Mitchell a shout and as he was just getting out of bed at four in the afternoon he wandered round for one. A quick catch up later and I was back home chilling out and throwing some stuff in a bag for the next couple of days.

Oh yeah, the group chat was having fun with filters... I feel less bad about going grey now, I think I can pull it off alright.

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