• James Hewlett

Back in the Rhythm

Back to work today.... sigh. It’s not like I dislike my job or that Monday’s are a hard day by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just that feeling after having some time off.

I should use it as a motivator to get back on a decent schedule of writing as well though. I’ve been struggling to think of interesting things to write about recently, I need some sort of inspiration.

The benefit of being back at work is that I’m getting back on top of all the podcasts I listen to. I’ve dipped in throughout my break but I do quite like my routine for what I listen to throughout my working day: mornings are for what ever new episodes have dropped that day, usually at least a couple of different shows. Then when they’re done with and for most of the afternoon I’ll listen to the audiobook I’ve got on the go at the time. I’ll do that until I’ve finished my last job and am heading back to unload at which point I’ll put some music on.

Obviously all of that checks chopped and changed depending on the day but as a standard, that’s generally how it goes.

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