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Sweating It All Out

Okay, totally had another post lined up for today but I feel like it’s going to be a bit longer and I want to make sure it’s good so I’m pushing it to later in the week. I don’t feel like sitting and doing a big long post tonight, its too fucking hot for that!

I’m currently sat outside in a vest top and shorts with an icy glass of gin and tonic just to stay cool. I think every window in my house is open and every fan I own is blowing. This might sound like I’m complaining, but fear not I definitely am not! This is ideal, this is preferable to anything else. The sort of temperature we’ve had today, from 18ºc when I woke up at six this morning to about 22ºc most of the morning and peaking around 35ºc this afternoon, thats a lovely range for me.

If I hadn’t been at work I absolutely would have been one of those people driving to the nearest half decent beach or waterfront, hanging out and going for a dip. Hell, I was tempted to do that this evening anyway!

I had intended to do another full work out this evening following the one I did yesterday but when it was still thirty plus when I started I decided to just do the normal bike and a slightly extra set of weights instead of the rest. I was more than sweaty enough after those bits that I feel like it worked enough.

It’ll be interesting to see how I am come the colder weather and winter in terms of exercise, I started my daily routine in December and the first few months were all cold weather. That obviously was when I was in much worse shape than I am now and I’ve progressed and got more active and fit as the weather has got better. Presumably I won’t have the outside heat slowing me down later in the year. I’m curious to see if it works out that way.

I’m still perfect for the year with my three fitness rings on the Apple Watch. It’s really satisfying to see as I scroll through. I know it’ll be broken at some point, but for now the goal is to get a perfect year. That would be a pretty awesome accomplishment, especially as my ‘active calories’ goal increases every few weeks and I continue to hit it.

I’m so happy with my progress. Sure, there are other people that go harder and get more results in less time but I feel like how I’ve handled it and the speed and success I’ve had, without any supplements or anything other than exercise and being a little more conscious about what I eat, is a really healthy and sustainable way of going with it. Obviously I see myself constantly and people I see regularly might not notice it as much but when I bump into people I haven’t seen this year or even in a few months and they comment on it, I’m not going to lie, it does give me a kick.

It’s not just the weight loss though, I’ve been taking better care of myself all over. I’ve had more haircuts this year than I’ve had in the previous three years combined, I do something with my hair whenever I’m going out, I keep my beard tidy and letting it grow out in a much more shaped way than I’ve bothered before.

It’s cliche and silly but totally true; if you feel like you look good, you do look good and in turn you feel good. It’s a weird circle but I am all for it.

I used to not give a fuck about how I looked because, “Who am I trying to impress.” Now I try and look good most of the time for myself. If other people are impressed by that then awesome, but it’s not for them, it’s for me.

This post turned from, “God damn, it’s hot out huh?” Into a bit of a longer piece on self care. Hey thats what happens when I sit outside to write I guess.

Oh yeah, it may be warm, but at least its not as warm as it is where Jon is! He sent me this yesterday evening, six thirty in the evening and 50ºc!

Fuck. That.

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