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A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends

A couple of weeks ago at Comic-Con the cast and crew of Veronica Mars were on stage to promote the upcoming revival of the series on Hulu. The pleasant surprise they had for everyone was that the fourth season of the show was available immediately following the panel for everyone to watch.

It’s been twelve years since the end of the third season of the beloved detective series and five years since the crowd funded movie that bought everyone back to Neptune, CA in what everyone expected to be a one-off story.

This fourth season picks up after the movie and time has passed. Relationships between characters have solidified and deteriorated in the intervening time but Mars Investigations, now solidly a father/daughter operation, is still sleuthing away in Southern California.

All the returning cast slip back into their characters as if they never left and the only difference in style is that there is no longer and time for a ‘case of the week’ as the focus is solely on the main season spanning event. This was something the writers of the show always tried to push for but network TV in the mid two thousands was much different to the on-demand binge culture of today.

Thankfully the slight change is very welcome and feels natural for the show.

I was a big fan of the series in its original run but haven’t revisited it in a long time. It’s a testament to the writing staff, (which now includes NBA hall of famer Kareem Abdul-Jabar!?) and the cast that I didn’t feel lost at any point. It felt like catching up with an old friend.

The season was thoroughly enjoyable and is left open enough to continue on if they so choose, Kristen Bell has stated that she would love to continue playing the title character forever, but they also wrap the show up nicely enough so that if this finally is curtains on Neptune, it will feel like a satisfying ending.

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