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Kubrick Cultural Kids

I had a fun day out today adventuring up to London to take in a bit of culture.

A while back, as an early birthday present that would actually happen after my birthday, Emma and Mitchell bought me a ticket to go with them to the Stanley Kubrick exhibit that is at the London Design Museum this summer.

I love this kind of behind the scenes look at film and seeing all of the stuff from one of the great masters of cinema was a treat.

Ed joined us for the trip and met us up there when we got off the tube and the four of us went and checked it all out. Mitchell was horrendously hungover from the night before but managed to hold himself together very well, only requiring a couple of snoozes on the tube and and car ride home. Emma got very emotional at some of the exhibits as Kubrick and The Shining in particular are some of her absolute favourites. Ed was taken in by all of the film making aspects but I noticed he was focused a lot on the editing side of things, which makes sense, it’s what he does!

I loved it all but was fascinated looking at all the annotated script pages, with Kubrick and different actors notes breaking down and perfecting each scene. He was such an intricate film maker than no element of his process was glossed over.

Of course all of the props, costumes and equipment spanning his filmography that was on display as well was awesome to see. You can tell they’ve always held resonance as everything has been kept in immaculate condition and looks as if it would we screen ready again today.

It was fun doing something a little different. Capped off with a nice meal and spending some time with Rae in the evening when I was back in Southampton and it was a great way to end a really really good weekend.

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