• James Hewlett

Stay or Go

I’m in a pickle at the moment; the tenancy on my house is up near the end of September and I don’t know whether or not to re-up or move out.

I’ve known it was coming and at different points since the start of the year I’ve been confident of what I would do when the time comes but it’s essentially now here and I’m not sure.

I’ve done all the sensible things like making a list of pros and cons, looking at a whole bunch of options, checking financials and such and it really has come down to what I want to do.

There was a time earlier in the year when I was in a situation in which I would need to move in order to live. I would have been moving into the cheapest possible option regardless. Thankfully I’m not in that position at all anymore and can afford to stay put if I so choose.

My house is lush. I really do love it. I’ve been there for five years and it is home. I wasn’t sure it would feel like that with the changes my life went through when Sara left but it really didn’t take much adjusting for it to still very much feel like my home. The thing is I don’t necessarily need all the space I have in my two bed house with lot of loft storage and a shed. Sure, I have accumulated a lot of stuff in my thirty two years but I could cut down fairly easily if I needed to. I’ve got pretty good at ridding myself of older stuff and not looking back as I’ve got older.

I’m in s position now that if I wanted to downsize I’d be looking to move close to town. There’s no point doing anything other than that. Moving closer would allow me to walk/ride/skate to work, which while wouldn’t be a factor in saving me money as the commute costs are negligible, would be a good extra bit of exercise. It would mean I was closer to social life and could more easily hang out with friends without someone having to drive too or from the others place. But that was a pipe dream in my early twenties, let alone my mid thirties when everyone I’m friends with locally goes out as often as I do… not regularly. The only thing that would likely happen was that I would start drinking more as I wouldn’t have to think about driving.

I love the idea of having all the amazing food options town provides available to me whenever I want, but that is also dangerous to not just my wallet but my currently shrinking and tightening waist line.

Speaking of the facial aspect; I have a fucking steal currently. For what I pay, I have an amazing house in a lovely spot. To get anything remotely nice close to town I would end up paying not much less at all for a whole lot less. The only ‘benefit’ would be location but then that just depends on what I’m looking for at the time.

It’s all very confusing. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and am continuing to. I have until the twentieth to make a final decision but I know what I’m thinking currently. I guess you’ll probably be able to figure out what I do based on upcoming blog posts.

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