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Sticking To The Habit

Habits get a bad rap. The most common use of the word habit is when people are referring to the bad ones, but that isn’t always the case.

I’ve got a little app on my phone called Habit that helps track things and create good habits.

Consistency is key with everything, so setting little goals for yourself they can be easily achieved is a great way to start forming habits that will benefit you.

This app helps in that, you set what you want to do by giving it a title, add a little description and then a regularity.

For example I have one to work out every day where I tell myself to get sweaty. That one reminds me seven days a week if I don’t check it off first. Then there is something like doing yoga which I only have as a three times a week goal, despite the fact that I usually do more than that. The way it works is that it’ll remind me each day if I’ve not checked it off until I’ve hit the goal I wanted to achieve.

I’ve found the key is to not set too many goals and to make sure everything is very achievable. The rest of mine are simple; Breath, meaning take a minute or two of peace and quiet and focus on my breathing. This can be done either during a yoga session or using the ‘Breath’ function on my watch. It’s a nice simple form of mediation.

Read a book is self explanatory, just reading something each day is a great habit. I usually take weekends off but I’m still happy with five times a week.

The final one is Shave. Keeping myself looking and feeling fresh is important. I’ve been growing my beard out recently but that doesn’t mean that a daily shave to keep myself feeling tidy should be skipped.

Just having some regularity really helps. I know a lot of people who swear by all sorts of different list making techniques be it digital or pen and paper but this one works really well for me.

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