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Mi (Extended) Familia

Day two with Jon around today. He was up early as usual and getting on with stuff before I even got up at six to go to work. He had a stressful day arranging everything to get his storage locker shipped down to their place in Spain but we were going round to his best friends, and someone I’ve always considered family, house in the evening for a barbecue.

I did have to have a word when I got home from work because although I know we was outside whenever he lit up, my living room fucking stank of weed where he had been in there and left the doors closed because the temperature is so much cooler than he’s been used to. Once I got home, opened up both doors and turned a fan on it cleared quickly though.

Oh, how times have changed since my younger days...

I’m always knackered on Tuesday evenings, it’s the busiest day of the week for me generally and it’s usually when the weekend catches up to me if I’ve been doing stuff. Tonight was no different but it didn’t take away from the fact that it was really really nice seeing and catching up with with Giles, Nick and Glyn. Three of the four of my brothers friends since childhood, and the only ones he’s still in contact with, that I’ve known forever. It was also great seeing Giles’ other half again and meeting his cute little seven month old son! Oh and to no ones surprise if you know him, Giles has done a lot of work to the house he bought and made it looks really nice.

It was awesome to see these guys who I haven’t in ages, although I’ll admit I did tune out when Jon was telling the same story I’d heard twice before the previous day.

When we got home I said my goodbyes to my brother as he was getting up and in a cab to the airport before I was going to be up for work. I’m not sure when I’ll see him next, he’s desperate for me to visit him out there and I’ll be happy to when their place is a little more together, but it may well be another year or so before I see him.

It’s funny how used to those sorts of changes you get; for years I’d only see him for an hour or so every couple of months, then I saw him all the damn time and now I don’t really see him at all. Somehow it all still feels about the same though.

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