• James Hewlett

Night Off Fitness Update

I’ve written a bunch of non blog stuff today and am kind of taking a night off.

I didn’t have any inclination to do anything or go out at all this evening, I’ve been having that nice quiet night in I thought I wanted yesterday.

It’s been good getting my full work out in again these last couple of nights too. I only did an abridged version at the weekend and a quicker one Monday/Tuesday so I could hang out with Jon while he was around. Getting back to doing everything; yoga, weights, callisthenics and the bike, has been good but it kicked my ass today!

Tomorrow will be the real test, I’ll have either got over the hump of getting back into the swing of it or it’ll continue to be tough. I feel good, determined, about it though.

I’ve kind of plateaued with the weight loss, to use a barbecue cooking term I’m kind of in ‘the stall’ that point in time when it feels like not a lot is happening but you need to keep it going otherwise the brisket won’t cook right. I don’t really need to lose weight now though. It’s more about maintaining and toning.

That’s enough of a ramble for now. Later!

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