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Lego For Grown Ups

I’ve had a really nice day today. I’d ordered a few bits and bobs I’d needed from amazon last night along with a treat for myself, so I spent the morning chilling out until they arrived.

After a bit of yoga I headed into town for an Ikea trip with a friend, I wanted to get w couple more house plants to liven up the place and was successful, I think I’ll need to hit up a garden centre for one or two more but it’s all coming together.

I’ve spent this evening building the Lego set I bought for myself as a little treat. I bloody love all the architecture sets but the skyline series have really become a favourite and keep getting better with everyone I’ve done.

I was super excited about this San Francisco one as it’s a, another place I’ve been and they’re always fun to build and b, features my favourite skyscraper in the world; the Transamerica Pyramid. I don’t know why I have such an affection for that building, I remember seeing it in person a few days before my sixth birthday and being captivated by it and I’ve always thought it was super unique and cool since then.

The fact that this set also features the Coit Tower and Alcatraz is super cool. I think it has more individual landmarks represented that any of the other skyline sets I’ve seen so far. Obviously if you’re showing off SF then the Golden Gate Bridge is going to be the focal point and the way the set is designed with a forced perspective look at the bridge is super cool.

Lego is an amazing toy for kids but it’s just as cool for adults and the fact that sets like these and the Ultimate Collectors Series Star Star Wars sets exist and are designed for adults I think is super cool.

I’m quite proud of myself for only treating myself to this one though and not the £650 millennium falcon I’ve wanted years.

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