• James Hewlett

Determin/Motiv ation

I felt like I had done nothing today so I’ve popped into town for a drink in the sun with Mitchell.

It’s funny isn’t it. It’s not too long ago that a lie in, an hours work out, a twenty minute walk, watching a wrestling PPV and ordering some picture frames would have felt like w full Sunday. Now, I even after all that I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing!

Motivation is a lie. People blame a lack of motivation to not do things. No one is motivated all of the time; it takes determination and disciple to actually get shit done.

The real trick comes when you get into a rhythm. You get into a good regular rhythm of what ever it is you’re trying to accomplish and before long it’ll become normal and you’ll find yourself becoming naturally motivated to carry on. Not all the time, there will always be days that require you to be disciplined with yourself, but you’ll also find you’re generally more motivated to do stuff.

I am at least. As with everything I write, it’s all just personal experience and almost certainly isn’t applicable to everyone. I like to put it out there though because I believe in sharing helpful, positive suggestions for everyone who might be looking for that.

I’m rambling now. I don’t know if any of that makes sense. Mitchell should be here soon anyway.

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