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I was struggling to to think of what to write tonight but then I was listening to the same song on repeat for the sixth time and it gave me a little nugget of an idea. This’ll be one of those rambling posts, so who knows how it’ll turn out. Guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out huh?

I know most people use Spotify and I completely appreciate the fact that it’s probably superior in a lot of ways, but before streaming services were the standard I already had a stupidly big iTunes library from having spent the time to upload all my physical media years ago and since then using it almost exclusively for acquiring new music.

I tried Spotify a few times of the years but could never get on with the UI, I found it clunky, unintuitive and slow. I hold my hands up and freely admit that it is most likely due to being used to using iTunes for fifteen plus years.

I held off on using any music streaming service for a long time. I struggled to see the need. I had a massive library and I wasn’t ever going to listen to all that, why would I need to pay for the privilege of being able to stream the same stuff.

I finally changed my mind a few years ago when the rare occurrence of two albums coming out close together that I knew I wanted. At this point I hadn’t been DJing in years and even for the last year or so of that I hadn’t been playing much in the way of music I would listen to in my personal life anyway. I certainly hadn’t kept up to date with anything new and I was beginning to feel a void that used to be filled with those joys of discovering some new track or band for the first time.

I thought to myself, well, for the price of just one of these two albums I could pay for a month of Apple Music, and that’s after the trial period offer they were running so I effectively would get four months of the service for less than the price of one album. I liked that it was all integrated into the system I was already using everywhere. I wouldn’t need to download anything new or sign up to any new accounts and because I had a ton of playlists in iTunes already it could learn my tastes a lot quicker.

So I gave it a shot and signed up and I’ve not looked back since. I love discovering new music again!

A common thing that is said, even by people who prefer Apple Music overall is that Spotify’s discovery playlists are generally better, but being ignorant of them I actually find the ones that get regularly updated on Apple Music to be pretty spot on for me! It’s rare that I actively dislike something they recommend and usually there is at least one or two tracks each week that I end up loving and listening to a lot.

That happened to me on Friday and I must have listened to this one song thirty times already since.

It’s not even a style or genre I would usually be drawn to, but there’s something about the low key chilled out lyrical rhymes of the hip-hop song Let You Know by Jianetti that I’m really enjoying. The five or six piano note loop hook that runs throughout the song is fantastic in its simplicity.

Tomorrows post will probably be up late. Got a little road trip going on after work. You’ll have to check back to learn more. Later.

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