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Pay It Forward

I’ve been really shit at posting this week. I’ve had the past few days entires written I just haven’t put them online. I’ve either got home quite late and gone straight to bed or like last night just not bothered posting.

I’m also a few pictures short so you may have noticed some older shots or stock images if you’ve seen the last couple of days posts.

On with todays…

I’m a big believer in ‘paying it forward.’ It’s a very simple and easy way of doing something good. It comes in many forms too; letting someone out at a junction, buying a friend a drink when you’re out, sending a bag of chips around the world because a friend is really craving them. Okay that last one is is pretty specific; a couple of years ago, out of the blue a had a hankering for ‘All Spice’ flavoured Lays potato chips. It’s a Canadian flavour but can be found in the US as well. I’d really enjoyed them as a snack food of choice when in Hawaii. I made some tweet about it and jokingly suggested to any Canadians who might want to start a region exclusive food swap. To my surprise I heard back from someone really quick; not a Canadian friend but a guy who I worked with at the comic shop before he left and moved to Boston. I’ve not seen him in years and rarely interact with him online but he offered to send me a couple of bags of chips. A few weeks later they arrived. He didn’t want anything for it, just that I pay it forward and do something nice for someone else. It was a really nice thing to do, and god damn did I enjoy those chips.

For the last few months I’ve been using a new podcast app, Podcoin, you earn credit for listening to podcasts and can then cash those out for various gift vouchers or donate it to a selection of charities. I listen to a lot of podcasts and was able to earn a fair number of ‘coins’ but the only rewards available with a pound value would take years to earn, and the app itself was pretty rudimentary. So when I decided to switch back to the other app I used to use I didn’t want to waste the credits I’d already build up. I had enough to get a five dollar US amazon gift card and used the remained to donate to a charity.

I thought about who to send the voucher to, I wasn’t going to get any use out of it. Sure I could order something from the US site but the added cost of shipping would negate the voucher anyway so there wasn’t any point in keeping it.

I decided to ping the code over to a friend who moved out there and got married last year. He’s a good dude who I met while DJing at the bar he was working at and we’ve stayed in contact.

A small act of kindness like that does nothing but make everyone involved feel good, if only for a few minutes. I like being able to do it when I can.

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