• James Hewlett

The Great Hack

Last night I finally got round the watching The Great Hack, the new documentary on Netflix that covers the Cambridge Analytica data collection revelations in relation to the 2016 presidential elections and the Brexit vote of the same year.

The documentary is unapologetically left leaning and casts a massive shadow on the results of both those elections. Personally, I agree with the view point of the film makers and agree that, quite frankly, the world is completely fucked as a result of the combination of them both.

The point I want to stress is that while that is clearly the stance the documentarians have, the film doesn’t try to influence its viewers. The message of the movie is that all of us need to be way more careful about the information we share online.

I know, I know, I’m a complete hypocrite. Shit, I document pretty much my entire life on here but I also control what I put out there.

I haven’t taken the step to delete my facebook account, but I certainly am not an active user of the service. A large part of The Great Hack is focused on the influence and information gathered and subsequently exploited on members of the voting public through the use of Facebook.

I highly recommend everyone check it out, whatever your political or social feelings are. It is eye opening to the the flagrant sharing and exploitation of the data we all are guilty of putting out into the world.

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