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Draft Day Part 3

Yesterday was the last draft day of the summer for me and probably the most extravagant.

I’m in three fantasy football leagues this year, all of varying sizes. The league that Jamie runs based in Portsmouth is the largest of them and has been twelve team league for the two seasons I’ve been a part of it.

I’ve played fantasy football with Jamie for years at this point and I know he always goes hard on it.

It’s really enjoyable being able to just chill out and play in a league without a care in the world about any of the back end stuff that comes with being the commissioner. I love my league, it’ll always come first both in terms of effort and importance to me but it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the grandeur of Jamie’s while you’re there.

As Jack pointed out early on, and we’re all very well aware going in, Jamie is very good at PowerPoint and presentations. It helps that he basically does it for a living anyway, but he puts all the same effort into a silly fantasy league as well.

There are no less than three trophies in this league; the championship title belt, the golden shit for the loser and now a ‘man of the year’ award that isn’t associated to wins or losses.

The day itself was fun. It’s quite a formal affair compared to the casual party atmosphere I encourage at my drafts but it works well for this league. Especially as not everyone involved are friends who hang out regularly. The competitive nature of it could be off putting for some but it’s perfect for others including Rutter who joined this year taking the spot of Sara.

I was mixed on the league last year but then, I had a lot of other shit going on throughout the NFL season so didn’t want any outside stresses. This year I think will feel a lot different and I’ll enjoy it more.

Across all three leagues I’ve done minimal research this year. I used to pour over pages and pages of notes but this year I just played it by ear. I’ve been doing it long enough that I know what I’m doing and know that over thinking draft day is more problematic than helpful. It also makes it a lot more fun!

I’ve enjoyed each of the three very different fantasy drafts I’ve done this year, but I’m ready for the NFL season to get started now!

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