• James Hewlett

Captive Audience

I had a lovely evening with my mum and Paul last night, I hadn’t seen them in a bit and had been trying to find a good time to go see them and finally was able to.

It’s interesting when you feel like there should be more to say or talk about when you get the question, “So is there anything new with you?” But when there really isn’t it can feel awkward.

Thankfully we’re always able to chat about everything else while having the burgers my mum made.

Paul was eager to watch Endgame again as they hadn’t seen it since its initial release and I was happy to watch at least for a while with them, knowing full well that I’d get sucked in and watch all three hours of it in.

We watched Infinity War together shortly before Endgame’s release so it was a nice book end to that.

Even better than the movie for me though was watching Dex, the older of their two collies, watching the movie!

He spent some of it sat on my lap and the rest on the floor but he was transfixed by the film. He was watching, getting excited during action scenes a little restless during some of the quieter moments and but always with the amazing thing inquisitive dogs do with that twist of the head.

At the end of the movie, he watched closely as everyone is saying goodbye to Tony and when it fades to black after Pepper breaks down his head dropped and he turned away. It was such a human reaction from a dog who is usually so goofy and full of energy. That almost broke me as much as Happy’s, “I’m going to buy you all the cheeseburgers in the world,” which continues to be the line that hits me hardest every time I see it.

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