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I watched a couple of episodes of the Netflix series Our Planet last night, the one they produced with Attenborough that really pissed off the BBC because it is exactly the same format as the shows he’s done with them for years.

My topic today isn’t really about that show though, more inspired by one particular thing.

In the episode about deserts they show a ‘cloudburst,’ a rare, once in a decade type event that revitalises deserts and turns them into lush grass planes for a time.

It was awesome to see but it also felt like an amazing analogy too, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good analogy.

There are a couple of times that I’ve felt that ‘cloudburst’ type effect in my life, well more than a couple of individual times but a couple of situations that cause it.

Back when I was djing full time I could go weeks or months of doing multiple gigs a week and get next to no enjoyment out of it. Every night was a drag, playing the same stuff to the same drunk people and essentially going through the motions.

Then, every now and then, I would have a night that was so much fun! Everyone would be into the night and having a great time, I would be feeling inspired and playing better. Everything would just click.

It would create such a buzz in me that it would keep me enthused and excited about doing what I was doing for weeks.

You couldn’t ever force those sorts of nights but keeping the faith that they would come around helped keep me going in the down time.

The other example is similar but much simpler. I’ve not been down or feeling crap lately, but still when I hang out with a particular friend it’s like a cloudburst and can ride that high from it for days after. It’s a really great feeling.

I’m sure everyone experiences these sorts of moments at different times, I hope so anyway. And if you are feeling a bit shit and haven’t had your cloudburst moment to reinvigorate you in a while, keep holding out like those determined deserts. It’ll come around eventually.

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