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Proud To Be A Colt

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening at Southampton Pride. It was my first tome going to the event despite being invited by friends the past couple of years. It’s just always been one of those events I’ve be unsure of as I’m not a part of any LGBTQ community.

This year I decided to go anyway, I had a lot of friends who were going to be there, some straight, some gay, some somewhere in between, and it sounded like a fun day. The fact that the weather was glorious didn’t hurt too!

So I headed in with Wez and we were able to have a nice catch up and chat on the way, which is always good, before meeting up with some friends of his when we got there. We were both recognising people and saying hello left and right.

The atmosphere was great. The closest comparison I can make is a cross between a music festival and a convention. Everyone is just there to have fun, have a good time and enjoy the shit they want to enjoy without any stigma or judgement.

I love that. I get that buzz when I go to Star Wars Celebration or RTX.

We hung out for a bit and met up with some other friends and friends of friends before going and grabbing a bite to eat.

Wez got talked into doing a night shift by some of his security friends as they were all stretched thin last night so when he bailed I went and met up with my other group of friends who had been there all day. We had fun, took some silly pictures, bumped into more people I hadn’t seen in ages, one of whom used to tend bar at a place I DJ’d at and I haven’t spoke to in at least seven years but had a really good catch up with, and generally had a fun day.

Cap that off with some really tasty all you can eat pretty late and I was definitely ready for a good nights sleep.

But apparently that wasn’t meant to be!

I woke up at about three am, not an uncommon occurrence, but instead of doing my usual drift quickly back off to sleep something implored me to check my phone. As soon as I did I was hit with a gut punch of news.

In the grand scheme of things it’s nothing, all my friends and family are safe and the world is going to keep spinning for another day, but when the star quarterback of your team and one of the best players in the entire sport shockingly retires in the prime of his career and two weeks before the start of the season, it kind of sucks!

I completely respect his decision and will always think very fondly of Andrew Luck, but it didn’t help me sleep last night as I was thinking about the Colts season and my the changes I also needed to make in my fantasy football league.

I guess it’s time I order a new jersey

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