• James Hewlett

Bank Holiday Wankers

What a nice, chilled out but social bank holiday Monday I’ve had!

I had no plans what so ever and nothing that I needed to get done so after a lazy morning in bed I got up, did my work out and went into to town to meet up with Mitchell, Emma, Kolby and a couple of Emma’s friends who I’ve met a few times before. It’s been a lovely weekend and I just kind of fancied throwing the football around to cap it off.

After a drink, me and Mitchell headed over to the park to do that for a bit. I’m not feeling it yet but I’m sure my shoulder will remind me about it tomorrow. Feels good though. There’s no feeling quite like knowing you’ve thrown a beautiful pass that has a tight spiral and is hitting the exact spot you wanted it to.

I figured I’d have one more soft drink then head home but we ended up hanging out for ages and hopping around to a few different places including Overdraft where they were having a vegan ‘tacover’ (gettit?! It’s word play!) before heading back to M&Em’s and hanging out on their balcony.

I think they’re probably still there but I tapped out and headed home. It’s been a great extended weekend and I’m ready to chill out for a bit before hitting the hay.

I’m glad it’s only a short week at work this week. The coming weekend is going to be busy and exhausting!

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